Patient support

Help us deliver a truly personal service

The personal support we provide to patients is what has always made Clinical Partners unique. From the first time you get in touch with us, you will always have dedicated help that’s with you at every step.

We apply the same philosophy to our people. We’re committed to providing an environment where you feel supported, can do your best work and grow in your career.

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Ways to join our patient support teams

To help us deliver on this promise, we’re always on the look out for talented and motivated individuals to join our team. There are a number of key roles available, often full or part-time:

Assistant Psychologist

The main role of Psychology Assistants is to triage patients when they get in touch. Most people need help choosing the right kind of help – and having trained and qualified assistance from the first contact gives people the confidence they need to take the next step. This support continues as patients seek help throughout their time with us. Please note, Psychology Assistants will need a good first degree in psychology or related subject.

Patient Co-ordinators

Many of our services are delivered in partnership with the NHS. We take pride in offering the highest levels of service to local NHS organisations and to patients who have often been on waiting lists for a long time. Our Patient Co-ordinaters are multi-skilled, working with both NHS teams and patients directly to ensure seamless delivery and positive patient experiences.

Clinical Report Writers

For our patients, a mental health assessment is a springboard to making positive, life-enhancing changes. Your diagnosis, the reasons your clinician reached that diagnosis, and the recommended action plan are all captured in a Clinical Report. It’s the most important patient communication we produce, with often life changing significance for patients. Our report writers work closely as a team and with our clinicians to ensure that our reports are produced to the highest standard.

Don’t see a role that’s right for you? Send us a message via the Contact Us page for an informal chat about how we can work together.

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